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farm tourRed Wigglers...Eisenia fetida   
“Worms are the intestines of the earth” said Aristotle.  Smart man.

We raise red wigglers, Eisenia fetida, for composting. We only sell worms that we grow here on the farm. We harvest and ship them the same day so they arrive to you fresh and ready for their new home - your worm bin. Our worms are shipped via UPS, arriving the next day throughout most of Northern California.

We guarantee our deliveries, with that in mind, we ship when the weather is moderate. We do not ship in hot weather and we do not ship outside of the Northern California area.

If you would like to purchase worms or have any questions please call (800) 447-6996 or (707) 996-8561.

Compost Worms - Eisenia fetida

2 pounds $52.50
These prices do not include shipping or tax
3 pounds $78.00
4 pounds $104.00
5 pounds $127.50
6-9 pounds $25.50 per pound
10+ pounds $23.50 per pound

Call to place an order: 800-447-6996 or 707-996-8561


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