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Differences between Castings and Vermicompost

Worm Castings are the casts (manure) of a worm. It takes about a year to make 100% pure worm castings. The worms go through material many times before it becomes true castings.

Vermicompost is worm worked material. Worms have gone through the material, and their casts are present. However the material is not broken down as finally as pure worm castings

Why our Vermicompost is better than castings!
Our vermicompost has all the benefits of castings, and more. We start with 100% organic dairy manure. We then compost that material in our specially designed aerated compost bins. This step removes pathogens, kills weed seeds, and releases heat energy so the worms can process the compost.
After composting is completed, we feed the compost to the worms. They process it for 60 days, going up and down through our continuous flow Vermicomposter. VermiCompost Trials 

Our continuous flow Vermicomposters keep the Vermicompost fully aerobic at all times. Being off the ground, there is no problem with gophers or moles. Moisture levels remain ideal.

Our Vermicompost made to the highest standards, is consistent one batch to the next, weed free, pathogen free and will make plants grow like nothing you have ever seen.
Vineyards from Araujo to ZD have used our Vermicompost when they plant their vineyards. They have seen more balanced growth, increased vigor and fewer vine losses.
Our Vermicompost also makes an ideal compost tea inoculant, providing all the benefits of castings, plus enormous microbial populations and diversity.

If you would like to make a purchase or have any questions please call (800) 447-6996 or (707) 996-8561.



Red Wigglers...Eisenia fetida
“Worms are the intestines of the earth” said Aristotle. Smart man.

We raise red wigglers, Eisenia fetida, for composting. We only sell worms that we grow here on the farm. We harvest and ship them the same day so they arrive to you fresh and ready for their new home - your worm bin. Our worms are shipped via UPS, arriving the next day throughout most of Northern California.

We guarantee our deliveries, with that in mind, we ship when the weather is moderate. We do not ship in hot weather and we do not ship outside of the Northern California area.

If you would like to purchase worms or have any questions please call
(800) 447-6996 or (707) 996-8561.


Vermicompost Tea

Compost Tea BrewerCompost tea is a liquid extract of compost, which contains plant nutrients, micronutrients, plant growth compounds and beneficial microorganisms.

We are now making aerated tea from our rich vermicompost using Growing Solutions Tea System.

At the Worm Farm we make our aerated compost tea using only our finest vermicompost. The tea is teaming with beneficial aerobic microorganisms, which act as soil inoculants.  The tea also provides the plant growth benefits of our vermicompost. It is great to add to your plantings or it can be used as a foliar spray.

In trials at the Worm Farm we have used our vermicompost tea as a foliar spray on our roses and we find that it reduces any incidence of black spot, rust and powdery mildew. For the past two years we have sprayed our vineyard with vermicompost tea, and have had no powdery mildew.

We have also used the vermicompost tea as a soil drench in the vineyard, on our roses and houseplants. All respond with a ‘Tea Glow’.


  • Enhances plant growth
  • Contains millions of beneficial aerobic bacteria and fungi  


  • Made fresh daily
  • Made with 100% organic vermicompost.
  • Vermicompost made with 100% organic dairy manure, sourced locally, pre-composted, and finished by worms 


  • Add at planting
  • Use as a foliar spray
  • Add for plant vigor and a ‘Tea-Glow’
If you would like to make a purchase or have any questions please call (800) 447-6996 or (707) 996-8561. 

Aerated Composting System - New to the Market in 2011

Aerated Composting SystemOur three-bin Aerated Composting System is engineered using forced air technology, which results in consistently high quality compost with a low labor input.

Our molded bins are very easy to set up and clean. We have designed them to help to insure your success.

Features & Benefits

  • Professionally engineered forced-air design minimizes labor
  • UV stabilized components stand the test of time and weather
  • Easy to clean
  • Insulation and aeration ensure optimal oxygen and temperature to feed aerobic bacteria
  • Operating manual includes steps for producing high-quality compost
  • Optional high-density polyethylene lid keeps out rain and vermin
  • Ideal for composting at a 4 to 7 horse facility

We see our Aerated Composting System being used by small farms, vineyards, community gardens, schools, Universities, Corporate Campuses and horse farms.

It will allow the end user to close their organic waste loop and return their valuable organic materials to their site. Let the organics from the farm, feed the farm.

pdfClick here to download the PDF file for the Aerated Composter

If you would like to make a purchase or have any questions please call

(800) 447-6996 or (707) 996-8561. 



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